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ICSA to become The Chartered Governance Institute

ICSA (the UK Institute of Company Secretaries and Administrators) formally changes its name to The Chartered Governance Institute on 16 September 2019.

The new branding will commence on that date, although "ICSA" will continue to appear for transition purposes for some time yet. The change was approved by members in 2018, and follows recent changes in other global institutes to more broadly reflect their scope and membership base, as not all members are necessarily Company Secretaries. The name is very similar to the change made in Australia some years ago (to the Governance Institute of Australia), but retains that all important "Chartered" status under a Royal Charter with Privy Council permission.

The post-nominal "CIS" now becomes "CG", hence

Fellow FCIS -> FCG

Associate ACIS -> ACG

Professional and Part Qualified CIS -> CG.

Members have until 2023 to change so plenty of time to run out those business cards!

The student services will remain the same, with minor changes in branding and the name of the student portal.

Interesting side note for Brexit - Many chartered statuses in the UK and Ireland are also regulated professional titles under European professional qualification directives. We don't believe Brexit would have a major impact on your qualification recognition but it may impact other studies/recognition criteria.

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