This course ties in international regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing requirements with recommended frameworks designed to strengthen the overall compliance culture of the organization. The course also takes an in-depth look into how sanctions may impact companies and how companies may deal with sanctions in a legally defensible manner.


The facilitator will impart knowledge on how to develop and implement these compliance, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing programmes in a practical approach, including Board reporting and other control functions.

The importance of corporate governance in monitoring and implementing such programmes will give the participants an insight into the importance of senior management reporting and top-down approach in the implementation of the organisation’s culture.


  • Learn essential compliance concepts and frameworks

  • Understand the importance of compliance culture and implementation of compliance policies

  • Acquire key concepts in order to mitigate fraud and other compliance risks

  • Define the role of key players and corporate governance in implementing compliance frameworks

  • Identify and discuss emerging compliance issues and trends

  • Apply essential concepts and frameworks of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing CTF and Sanctions

  • Understand the importance of AML culture at all levels of business

  • Acquire key concepts in order to mitigate risks

  • Have the ability to identify and discuss emerging Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Sanctions issues and trends

  • Implement sound regulatory and reporting practices for AML, CTF and Sanctions

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