Risk Management Services

Capital Advantage is one of the key risk management industry players in the UAE. The Firm provides its bespoke risk management services catered to financial and non-financial businesses. 


Capital Advantage designs and implements a range of risk management policies and tools that help companies identify, evaluate, mitigate and control their internal and external risks.

Risk Management Services:
  • Financial & Insurance:

    • Outsourced Officers:

      • Risk Officers ​

        • Risk Management Policies​

        • Risk Registers(Matrix)

    • Regulatory Reporting 

      • IRAP and ICAAP​

    • Training and Mentoring 

  • Non-Financial:

    • Risk Management Advisory

    • Risk Management Gap Analysis

    • Risk Management Policies

    • Risk Registers (Matrix)

      • Policies ​

      • Risk Assessment 

    • Enterprise Risk Assessment 

    • Training and Mentoring


"Risk Management is not about future decisions, but about the future of decisions that we must take now."
- Robert N. Charette