Investor Relations

Capital Advantage’s investor relations services complement the Firm’s corporate governance work, providing clients with the tools and frameworks to meet regulatory requirements and enhance shareholders’ trust.​

Investor Relations Services:
  • Reporting & Disclosure:

    • Annual Reports

    • Corporate Governance Reports

    • Quarterly Returns

  • Regulatory Affairs:

    • Regulatory Filings

    • Special Disclosures

  • Shareholder Relations:

    • Annual General Meetings

    • Extraordinary General Meetings

    • Shareholder Registers

  • Pre & Post-IPO Support:

    • IPO Preparation 

    • Board & Company Secretary Training

  • Training & Mentoring:

    • Inductions to Investor Relations

    • IRO Exam Preparation

    • One-on-One IRO Mentoring  


"Investor relations as a strategic management function has increased in importance during recent years due to changes in corporate governance codes subsequent to the global financial crisis."