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Corporate Governance charters matchs the theories of Corporate Governance with the practicalities of doing business. 

Charters are individually and confidentially designed to provide your Board and Senior Management with all-inclusive principles and policies for achieving your Company's core strategic goals and assist them in meeting their Corporate Governance duties and responsibilities.

“(Inside Business 2007)”

The powerful Charter model is modified specifically for your Company's unique circumstances, incorporating key board procedures and information sources, decision making responsibilities and guidelines, and best practice concepts.

Investor Relations will be an area of huge growth in the UAE as more companies join the Stock Exchanges and companies become subject to public scrutiny.


The Investor base of listed companies continues to broaden, and key issues in the UAE must be considered (particularly by listed foreign corporations) to ensure that their communications and strategic actions are considered in light of Investor expectations.

Investor Relations must essentially encompass a broad range of financial, emotional, legislative and competitive issues to ensure that Companies attract and retain unique and unqualified access to Investor capital.


Capital Advantage sponsors the first Complinet Webcast (7 July 2009) on the Middle East’s Role in the International Financial System – Register here >>